2020 Youth Racial Justice Digital Panel

Join Youth Conference Committee (YCC) from Byrne Creek Community School on Saturday, May 8, 2020!

This event is supported financially by Burnaby School District & Anti Oppression Educators Collective.

Ruby Smith-Diaz, moderator
Golsa Golestaneh, panelist
Brandon Yan, panelist
Sammie Jo Rumbaua, panelist

Who is the Youth Conference Committee (YCC)?

We had been inspired by the 2019 Multi-Dialogue Project that focused around the theme of Displacement & Solidarity. We are inspired to work together to organize youth friendly platforms to learn together, speak up, express ourselves, and advocate for social justice issues that are close to our hearts. We are a group of sponsor teachers and youth in various grades, who are connected through our different backgrounds and identities.

2019 – 2020 YCC Members at Byrne Creek Community School

Contact YCC at YouthConferenceCommittee@gmail.com

Youth Members:                      

  • Amy B.                                 
  • Charissa W.
  • Hamrin M.
  • Kim O.
  • Madison T.                                         
  • Maide A.
  • Maryam H.
  • Muhammed B.
  • Sana A.
  • Silvia B.
  • Tooba S.
  • Tsion D.
  • Zehra T.

Sponsor Teachers:

  • Ms. Denise Ferreira
  • Ms. Sara LaBrash
  • Ms. Shanee Prasad
  • Ms. Yu-Han Chen

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