Intention of Our Work

Youth-centred, youth-driven and youth-led projects that value youth’s voices and creative potentials.

Founded in 2013 and incorporated as a non-profit society in 2017, we believe in a capacity-building model that creates a safe and inclusive multilingual space for youth to make meaningful connections that sustain and foster into active citizenship. 

Based on the unceded Coast Salish Territory of Metro Vancouver, we believe in the strength-based approach of empowering high-school youth of all backgrounds to grow together. When we support young people to explore their cultural belongings and personal identities, these young leaders will find their voices and learn to build bridges with fellow peers and community members.

As we commit to supporting a multicultural community, Little Lantern is founded with a dedication to work with high-school youth identified with diverse Hua-Chinese heritages and experiences. We recognize the importance and the needs to support youth to explore identities and issues within, around and outside of the Hua-Chinese communities. We acknowledge and include the diversity of different Hua-Chinese heritage backgrounds (i.e. dialects, traditions, customs…), as well as being mindful and respectful of the differences in point of views and opinions.

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